• Atelier van Middendorp

    AvM uses a divers pallet to search for the position of artisanal skills in the modern day world. “We strive towards minimalism and simplicity; it’s a search for timelessness”. Through several objects AvM tells a story using material as a medium, and makes history tangible.

    Architecture Design Interior

  • Atelier van Middendorp

    Robert van Middendorp founded Atelier van Middendorp in 2014 after getting his masters degree in In_architecture at ArtEZ University of the arts in Zwolle. Robert van Middendorp (1987) puts great value on experiencing the entire process of creation himself. “This is what is required of me as a designer, to get the hang of it, design doesn’t only come from the head, but from the hands as well”.

    Robert completed internships at various masters of different disciplines in order to expand his skill set and to hone his craft. He continues to sharpen the knowledge he accumulated during this period, as well as striving to always learn new crafts to stay ahead of the industry. However, his dedication to mastering age-old crafts, created a body of work that has a clear link to tradition. The various techniques he uses often comingle and cross borders and disciplines that create a fusion of creation.

    Robert’s work embodies a search for the aura of the maker. Robert often delves into previously unexplored areas of design where he drinks in the knowledge he acquires to implement innovatively in his own work. This passion for new knowledge and the blending of different disciplines results in a refined sense of materiality and technique. The sheer time and artisanal research that Robert pours into a project always ensures a product where the physical and the spiritual meet. Despite the vast amount of disciplines and techniques Robert implements in his work, his entire body of work remains grounded in a search for timelessness. The search for timelessness lends certain uniformity to his body of work. The search for timelessness in architecture, interior, and design is a search for a form of sustainability that transcends the concept.

    Robert van Middendorp

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