No screw no glue

Interieur design Zwolle

T#01/M2-table spawned from the location of my studio. The oldest veehal in the area where I am located has a beautiful wooden structure on its inside. It is a combination of various simple techniques to build with wood. Dutch and Japanese wood connections inspired me to set a mission for myself. Design a table without glue, screws or other additives. In Japan and the Netherlands people managed this centuries ago with houses. A table should definitely be possible. I wanted to set another goal, besides the process of making. The length…. What would be the ultimate limit without the use of glue, nails, screws or other additives? In times where many large tables are made, I found that this table had to be larger.  7 meters is the ultimate goal.

T#01 was a search for the maximum capacity of artisanal skills. An ode to Dutch and Japanese craftsmanship. A search for timelessness, a design that inspires for a long time of usage over several generations. T#01 holds itself together, without glue, screws or other additives. T#01 can grow/shrink per m2. This means that this can be your first table in a dorm room and that it can grow to five metres long family table where you, in the years to come, sit down with children and grandchildren. A table for life.

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