No screw no glue

Interieurontwerp Zwolle

CH#01 aims to be simplistic and minimalistic as can be. The chair is, next to a search for minimal and responsible use of materials, a search for timelessness. The chair is made of an aluminium skeleton stretched over with uncoloured saddle leather. Partly modern in its materiality and design, but traditional in its pure material use and the techniques used to attach the skin to the skeleton. A manual process which runs counter to the shape of the modern frame. The use of aluminium means that the chair has the same strength as steel but weighs a fraction of a steel version. In addition to this, aluminium generally is partly made from recycled aluminium and has lower emissions to be created or recycled.

CH#01 is not only physically light by its use of materials but also visually by its open structure. In its detailing it uses old techniques and materials that are known from making horse saddles. The location of my studio offered me the inspiration for this use of materials. The veehal where you can find my studio is located on a street where once there was a weekly cattle market. This cattle market, together with the markets of Den Bosch, Leeuwarden and Utrecht, belonged to the largest of the Netherlands. In 2001 there was an unexpected and sudden stop to the cattle market, due to government measures. It was the end of at least 7 centuries of cattle trade in Zwolle. CH#01 is not only a tribute to the ancient craft but also a to the centuries old history of Zwolle.

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